About Us


• We are specialist in manufacturing Intricate, Heavy, Semi-Gravity, Pressure tight & Flameproof Quality castings.

• Company infrastructure consists of well-equipped Foundry & Machine shop.

• Our expertise is in Casting design, Die designing, Die making & Die-casting. Our company is in engineering industry since 3 decades & has pioneered in ALUMINIUM DIECASTED HEAT SINK.

• Our existing monthly production capacity is Avg. 8 to 10 Tones. The product range varies from few grams to 20kgs single piece, which includes leak proof & pressure tight Gearboxes, Air cylinders, Enclosures, Motor Frames, Motor covers, End cover, Switch Handles, Breather casting, Counter Bodies, Road measure wheels & bracket, Fire Hydrants & Hoses, Portable Battery charger enclosure used in Defense, Flame proof Push Button Station Housing, Well glass Housing, Junction Box, Thermocouple Head, etc.

• Our main product is Aluminum Gravity diecasted HEAT SINK, mainly used in power electronics industry. The Heat sink range is K-1, K-2, K-3, [K-4 / DH71], K-5, [TRG10/TH- 38], TRG11, TRG14, [TRG17/DH350/TH42], [TRG21/DH500/TH80], Extrusion type K- 4 & substation Heat sink.

• The company is having specialty in manufacturing Gravity diecasted Heat sink of large width that cannot be Drawn or Extruded economically with equivalent efficiency. Any types of non-symmetrical Heat sinks integral with enclosures or covers are diecasted by us.

• The company is presently supplying a variety of castings with volume ranging from 50 to 500Nos. everyday in fully finished condition components manufactured includes casting with sand cores or metallic cores, ranging from thin walled intricate to thick walled castings. We also manufacture Insert fitted castings.

• We have converted various sand casted products into Gravity die casting for getting Excellent finish, Less weight, Less machining cost. Die cost pay back arrangement can be done. Very minimal order quantity is also accepted.

• Our esteemed customers are M/S Electro products Mumbai, Ador Powertron Ltd. Pune, Statfield Equipments Pvt. Ltd. Pune, Ruttonsha International Rectifiers Ltd, Baroda, Hind Rectifier Ltd. Mumbai, Precision Controls & Equipments, Spectron Sales & Service Pvt. Ltd. Pune, Kaycee Ind, Rectifier House (I) Pvt. Ltd., Controls& Equipments, Mumbai, Mogora Cosmic Pvt. Ltd. Pune, As well as separate Dealers Network for Heatsink at Mumbai, Banglore, Ahmedabad, Delhi & Pune.